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API6A Adjustable Choke Valve Ship to Thailand

31 May 2022

API 6A adjustable choke valve is the most important equipment in oil gas industry and it is widely used for oil gas drilling, production, cementing, well testing, fracturing, water injection etc. Typical installation include wellhead Christmas tree, choke manifold, wellhead oil gas pipeline, sand filter, sand catcher etc.Our adjustable choke valve are usually designed according to API6a standard, and absorb the technology of Cameron Schlumberger, FMC Technip, GE, NOV, SPM,etc .

Recently we have just completed a batch of api 6a adjustable choke valve for our customers in Thailand. The model size is 2-1/16”10000PSI BX152.api 6a EE PU PSL3 PR1, it is a kind of Cameron H2 style needle type choke valve structure from Cameron technology.

 This time, our adjustable choke valve will be used for the installation of the choke manifold we provided to our customer before. The main purpose is to repair and replace it. We have been highly praised by our customers who use our surface well testing products do service such as choke manifolds, flow line treating irons and valves to do surface well test services in oil fields in Thailand. End users include Thailand PTT and Chevron.

Our customers have received wide acclaim and praise by using our well testing products to provide end-users with the highest quality service.

We are very good at api6a adjustable choke valve and related wellhead products, our products have been sold to major oil companies and service companies all over the world, such as BP, Shell, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford, CNPC, CNOOC, Sinopec, GE, etc.

We have many specifications and models available as optional, all products can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Our CCSC technology team is full of enthusiasm and looks forward to your inquiry.


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