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Wellhead Control Panel(ESD Control Panel)

               Wellhead Control Panel (ESD control panel) is the most important equipment in oil gas industry,  it is a kind of Wellhead Safety Control System when used with shut down valve together, wellhead control panel usually called as WHCP for short, or Wellhead Christmas Tree Control Station which is CTCS for short. wellhead control panel ESD control panel is very important equipment in oil and gas drilling and production , it is also widely used in surface well testing and measurement operations.

              When the wellhead control panel is used in conjunction with the surface safety valve shut down valve, we call it  as wellhead safety control system or emergency shutdown system, ESD control panel system or (ESD) emergency shutdown device.

               Usually, the main function of the wellhead control panel is to control the wellhead Christmas tree safety valve(SSV), (MSSV)Master surface safety valve,(WSSV)Wing surface safety valve, (DHSV)down hole safety valve,   (DHCV) down hole control valve, (SSV) Wellhead surface safety valve.  (SCSSV)Surface controlled subsurface safety valve, (SDV) shutdown valve, (ESDV) emergency shut-down valve, etc. That is to say, it is a safety valve control system, which is widely used in land onshore Oil and gas production or surface well testing operations on offshore drilling platforms, etc.

              Wellhead control panel can provide safety valve protection for oil and gas wells in an unattended environment in the wild, such as emergency shutdown safety valve, remote shutdown safety valve, shutdown safety valve in case of fire, etc. It is widely used in land onshore oil and gas wells and offshore drilling Platforms, artificial islands, deserts, High pressure oil and gas wells, gas storage, shale gas, coal bed methane and other wild environments.

Commonly used power sources include natural gas, nitrogen, solar energy, alternating current, direct current, etc.

               Wellhead control panel plays an important role in the safe production of oil and gas wells in land deserts and offshore platforms. It can effectively prevent or reduce oil and gas well accidents, and can also prevent or reduce hydrocarbon emissions to the atmosphere or the surrounding environment. Whether in accordance with government regulations or in accordance with domestic and foreign oilfield safety production regulations, the oilfield wellhead safety control panel is one of the indispensable main control systems for oilfield safety production and transportation.


              Wellhead control panels are usually divided into single-well wellhead control panels and multi-well wellhead control panels according to the number of control wellheads.

              The single well control panel is suitable for operating one hydraulically controlled downhole safety valve (SCSSV), one or two Christmas tree surface safety valves (SSV), one or two surface line ESDVs, and the single well control panel will automatically close Safety valve in response to various closing alarms.

The single well control panel can be divided into: manual control system, electric control system, gas-liquid control system, solar control system, etc. according to the power source mode. It is composed of valve parts, pilot air control pipeline, indicating instrument and control valve parts. Our equipment has a compact layout and adopts imported high-pressure pipelines and joints, which are beautiful and durable.

             Our air-displacement liquid pump can use the international well-known brand Maximator or haskel and other air-displacement liquid pumps, which are safe and reliable, and the operation is safe and convenient.

            The multi-wellhead control panel has all the functions of the single-well wellhead control panel     At the same time, it can be used for multiple wellhead control on land, and is also commonly used in offshore drilling platforms. According to the characteristics of multiple oil and gas wells on the ocean sharing one platform and centralized control, CCSC Technology has developed a multi-well wellhead safety control panel. CCSC Technology multi-well wellhead control panel the panel contains multiple wellhead control modules, all modules share a hydraulic power source, and each control module controls a well, and has all the same functional characteristics as the single-well safety control panel. Each control module independently controls each well without interfering with each other. And each independent control module adopts a drawer structure, which is convenient for on-site maintenance and replacement.

            Multi-wellhead control panel can be designed as an integrated removable and interchangeable well control module, each module controls a single well. Any single well module can be easily isolated and moved without affecting the operation of any other components on the wellhead control panel operate. The existing module can be removed, and a spare module can be installed with minimal downtime. The wellhead control panel adopts a modular design, each wellhead does not interfere with each other, can work independently, and is convenient for operation and maintenance. The control panel is an electric- Hydraulic control system, hydraulic system includes SCSSV control circuit, SSV control circuit and pilot circuit.

               The control objects of the multi-well wellhead control panel are downhole safety valve, ground main safety valve, ground wing safety valve or air release valve, ground shut-off valve,Shut off with parallel lock, start the electric submersible pump. And it has the functions of local shutdown, remote emergency shutdown, fusible plug fire shutdown and high and low pressure pilot valve shutdown.

               CCSC Technology multi-well wellhead control panel can be designed as gas-hydraulic, electric-pneumatic, electric-hydraulic, and with remote control terminals, we can set the specific control according to customer requirements.

               The number of control modules, control methods and control pressures can be customized according to user requirements.

The materials of our wellhead control panels are all made of stainless steel, and all the internal components use international famous brands to ensure the excellent performance of the products.

               We have 20 years of production experience for wellhead safety control system, wellhead control panel, wellhead surface safety valve, emergency shutdown system, wellhead control panel surface safety valve we are professional. We are worthy of your trust.



Oil Gas Production, Oil Gas Well Testing

Main features:

●It has the function of opening and closing the safety valve (open or close)

●With wellhead fire emergency shut-in protection function (fusible plug fire prevention)

●With local ESD emergency shutdown protection function (local ESD emergency shutdown function)

●With remote ESD emergency shutdown function. DCS system emergency shutdown protection in main control room (remote ESD, RTU remote detection and control function)

●It has the function of automatic shut-in protection for abnormal production line pressure, ultra-high and ultra-low pressure (mechanical high and low pressure sensor or electronic pressure transmitter, pressure switch)

●On-site natural gas concentration is dangerously exceeding the standard, automatic alarm and emergency shutdown protection.

●Wellhead high sand content protection.

●Wellhead corrosion and detection system.

●The work operation of the wellhead plate is fully automated, and it will also handle the emergency situation by itself, without the need for workers to monitor it in real time.

 Provide safety protection for unattended oil and gas wells.

●The whole body of the wellhead plate, including the internal parts, is made of special stainless steel, which can easily cope with the humid and highly corrosive environment at sea. At the same time, it has super dust-proof and waterproof capabilities.

The wellhead plate is the strongest and most loyal safety guard. Generally, the failure will not affect its operation. Once it encounters a serious failure, it will automatically close the safety valve of the oil well at the first time to prevent the oil from overflowing, and at the same time, it will alarm the central control room. , to ensure the safety of oil wells.


Main Technical Parameters:

●Number of wellheads: Single-well wellhead control panel, multi-well wellhead control panel, integrated ground safety control system

●Power source: Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, solar, manual

●Control the number of safety valves: One safety valve, two safety valves, three safety valves or more.

●Number and type of single well head control panel control:

      One hydraulically controlled downhole safety valve (SCSSV & DHCV), one or two Christmas tree surface safety valves (MSSV & WSSV).

      A ground emergency shut-off valve (ESDV). The control method can be hydraulically controlled or pneumatically controlled.

     The single well control panel will automatically close the safety valve in response to various shutdown alarms.

●Multi-well wellhead control panel control quantity: It has all the functions of single-well wellhead control panel, and the control wellhead quantity can be customized.

●Pressure output range: 0~30,000PSI

●Pilot control pressure: 80~100PSI

●Output medium: Hydraulic oil or gas

●Electrical control (if required): Conventional electrical control or RTU control, etc.

●Ambient temperature: -40°C to 65°C

●Fusible plug melting temperature: 71°C to 138°C (160°F to 271°F) (Optional)

●Climate Conditions: Land/Desert/Ocean

●Control panel material: 304SS or 316SS

●Protection class: IP54, IP65

●Explosion-proof area: CLASS ⅠDIVI/Ⅱ

●Explosion-proof grade: ≥ ExdⅡBT4


Optional configuration and features:

●Pressure acquisition         ●Temperature acquisition    ●H2S gas detection

●Combustible gas concentration detection         ●RTU remote terminal unit (Remote Terminal Unit, RTU)

●Solar power supply system                              ●Nitrogen gas source

●High and low pressure induction pilot valve     ●Fusing plug

●Remote ESD        ●On-site instruments and meters (on-site pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring, dangerous gas detection, etc.)


Reference Design Standards:

●API spec 14A <Specification for downhole safety valve equipment>

●API RP14B <Design, Installation, Repair and Operation of Downhole Safety Valve Systems>

●API RP 14C <Analysis, Design, Installation and Testing of Ground Safety Systems for Offshore Production Platforms>

●API14D <Specification for offshore wellhead upper safety valve and subsea safety valve>

●SY/T 7603 <Wellhead Safety Control System for Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment>

●API 6A <Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment>

●APIRP500 <Recommended practice for location classification of electrical equipment for petroleum installations>

●APIRP55 <How to Operate Hydrogen Sulfide-Containing Oil and Gas Production Plants and Gas Processing Plants>

●IEC60529 <Enclosure protection class> (IP code)

●IEC60079 <Electrical explosion-proof specification>

●SY/T0310 <Offshore Petroleum Engineering Instrumentation and Automatic Control Technology Guifa>

●ASMEVIII <Code for Construction of Pressure Vessels>

●ASMEB 31.3 <Process Piping>


Schematic diagram of wellhead safety control system:


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