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Sea water pump- sea water desalination pump

Sea water pump-sea water desalination pump is a kind of reciprocating pumpsreciprocating plunger pumpwith three plunger or five plunger, also named as triplex plunger pump and quintuple pump/ quinary plunger pumps.

It is usually driven by electric motor or diesel engine and especially designed for pumping the sea water.

Typical applications includes Sea water transportation, sea water desalting plant, reverse osmosis seawater desalting.



Technical parameters

Fluid media: Sea water

Move mode: Skid mounted, fixed type, mobile type

Output pressure:2-20 Mpa

Theoretical flow rate: (0.2-155 m³/h)

Driving mode: Electric Motor, diesel engine

Customizable according user’s requirements



High pressure, low vibration low noise

Steady flow and pressure

Flexible control, easy operation

High security, fast and efficient

High efficiency ,small volume



Sea water













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