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Pressure testing plunger pump

Pressure testing pump is a kind of reciprocating pumpsreciprocating plunger pumpwith three plunger or five plunger, we also call it triplex plunger pump or quintuple pump-quinary plunger pumps

It is driven by electric motor or diesel engine.

This water pressure testing pump can be used for the water pressure testing in all kinds of pressure vessel, pipe line and pup joint, boiler etc.

Typical applications include chemical plant, oilfield, power station, oil pipeline, gas transmission line etc.





Technical parameters

Fluid media: Hot water, cold water, high-temperature water, High temperature chemicals

move mode: Mobile type (Vehicle-mounted container-type, wheeled model), Stationary type

Jet pressure:2-200 Mpa

●Jet length:0.3-10 m

Theoretical flow rate:10-1000 L/Min (0.6-60 m³/h)

Driving mode: Electric Motor, diesel engine

Customizable according user’s requirements



High pressure, low vibration low noise

Steady flow and pressure

Flexible control, easy operation

High security, fast and efficient

No corrosive to the equipment, no pollution to the environment



●Power station, chemical plant, shipyard, Fertilizer Plant, oil extraction plant, oil refinery:

Steel plant, coking plant, oxygen plant, gasworks, Beer Brewery, pharmaceutical factory

Sugar refinery, Meat processing, refrigeration plant, textile mill, rubber plant, printing and dyeing mill

Restaurants and hotels, municipal engineering.






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