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Hose Loops-Cementing Circulating Hose Loops

  Hose Loops Cementing Circulating Hose Loops provided by ccsc technology are often used in the oilfield when standard and sour gas service oil drillingwell flushing, well testing, well cementing, well fracturing, oil production, our CCSC technology Hose Loops are designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A and API 16C standard , they are composed of swivel joints and straight pipe.

CCSC TECHNOLOGY Hose Loops has many sizes and pressure ratings, include long radius long sweep and short radius short sweep hose loop with size 1",1-1/2",2"3" and 4" working pressure ranging from 6,000psi - 20,000psi for oil field application.

Custom hose loops can be made on request.



● Oil and Gas lines                            ● High-pressure well servicing lines

● Acidizing& fracturing lines testing lines         ● Crude Oil and Sour Gas, Mud.

● Manifolds and Pipelines                      ● circulating lines, and other well service

● cementing and cand stimulation applications.    ● Production and flushing lines,



● Low torque operation at all pressures

● Cementing and circulation hoses provide flexibility, absorb shock and vibration, and maximize flow characteristics.

● The end connections ensure fast, pressure-tight make-up and break-out without threading, welding, or special connections.

● Permits fast, easy service at the job site. The hoses fold up easy and quickly for transportation and storage.



Technical Parameter

● Medium: water, oil and gas accompanied with sour gas or / and sand

Connection Size: Fig602, Fig1002, Fig1502, FIG2202

● Standard and Sour Service are all available

Length: 6ft ,8ft, 10ft ,12ft,3m ,4m ,5m,6 meter



Note: Customer’s inquiry information shall include size, working pressure, connection type, and working condition



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