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Mud gas separator choke manifolds

Mud gas separator choke manifolds are often used on the Offshore Platform or onshore oilfield, Mud gas separator choke manifolds are often consists of one mud gas separator and one set choke manifold .They are specifically made for controlling the fluid and separate the gas and mud, it can save the space of the platform and easy to operation and simple to maintain   

CCSC’s customizable Mud gas separator choke manifolds allow customers to design their ideal equipment for reliable and consistent performance on their drilling system.


Technical parameter

●Material ClassAA-EE

●Specification ClassPSL1-PSL4

●Performance ClassPR1PR2

●Working Pressure: 2000-15000 PSI

●Nominal Size: 2-4 inch

●Sour Service Models to NACR MR-01-75

●Customizable structure

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