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Frac Manifold-Zipper manifold

Frac Manifold-zipper manifolds are specially used in the oilfield when need fracturing operation, this kind of Frac manifolds zipper manifolds System are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec.6A and API Spec.16C standards. Frac Manifold zipper manifolds can offer time saving and pumping efficiencies. It is specifically designed for operators drilling and fracking and stimulating multiple wells on a single pad. Our frac manifold zipper manifolds are available in many kinds of configuration, the gate valve size can be chosen from 4-1/16” to 7-1/16”.our excellent modular design can let the operators no need to move or relocate the pumping equipment during rigging-up/fracking multiple wells.

CCSC Frac manifolds zipper manifolds are customizable structure and have many sizes and pressure ratings used for your ideal option. 



Modular design, individually skid mounted for saving time.

●Double gate valve design allows isolating the injection block both upstream/downstream.

●CCSC's Premier System for Continuous Fracturing in Multistage Well Bores

●Enhances Safety of Operations

●Increases the Number of Fracing Performed per Day

●Decreases the Number of Rig up/Rig down Cycles

●Increases Pumping Uptime  

●Eliminates Multiple fracturing Lines


Technical Parameter

●Material ClassAA-EE

●Specification classPSL1-PSL3

●Performance classPR1

●Working Pressure: 2000PSI-15000 PSI

●Nominal Size: 3-7 inch

● Sour Service Models to NACR MR-01-75

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