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Wellbore Wiper

Wellbore  wiper is also called as reciprocating wellbore wiper or wellbore cable wiper, it is a kind of cementing

casing tools which is key equipment for oilfield drilling cementing operation. The wellbore cable wiper is a hinged cleaner with an internal locking device, these wipers clean the well bore efficiently by permitting removed filter cake to pass thereby providing excellent reinforcement to the cement column especially under close spacing.

 Wellbore cable wiper is available in different sizes starting from 4-1/2” to 20”. Usually the overlapping high-alloy cable is interlaced with a full 360 degree around the band. The wellbore cable wiper is locked into the casing and does not require any use of stop collars. There is also a continuous interlocking and overlapping loop made of tempered steel wire cable which is laced into the hinged collars.The bold holds the wipers in place and eliminates the need for stop collars.

The wellbore cable wiper comes with a solid band styles and with a hinged design to use it on casing and tubing.

This also takes away excess wall cake to improve the cement formation bonding by producing a wiping action during running and reciprocation.

Usually these wipers can remove excess wall cake to improve cement-to-formation bonding by producing a wiping action during running and reciprocation. A continuous, interlocking and overlapping loop of tempered-steel wire cable is laced into the hinged collars. A bolt holds the wipers in position and eliminates the need for stop collars. A hinged structure is also available.



Sized range from 4-1/2" to 20"

Excellent Holding Force

Hinged cleaner with locking device

Overlapping high alloy cable

Better the cement formation bonding

Removing exccess mud cake from wellbore wall and improves bonding.

Secure attachment with a bolt scews enables simple and fast installation.

Any special sizes or combination can be made available on request


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