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Stop collar

Stop collar is a kind of cementing casing tools which is key equipment for oilfield drilling cementing operation. It is also called as position ring, stop circular, brake ring, etc. It is especially designed for keeping centralizers, cement baskets and other casing attachments in place on the casing

We CCSC technology dedicate to provide total professional stop collars solution for our

clients, our stop collars are especially designed and improved from Weatherford , Schlumberger, Halliburton stop collar application.  Our stop collars are typically include nylon set screw stop collar, Hinged bolted stop collar, Hinged set screw stop collar, hinged spiral nail stop collar, slip on set screw stop collar, Slip on set screw stainless steel stop collar, slip on super heavy duty set screw stop collar etc.

The stop collars are usually available in size 3-1/2" to 20".all CCSC technology stop collars are customizable according to requirements from end user.


Model A  Nylon set screw stop collar                                                       Model B  Hinged bolted stop collar



Model C  Hinged set screw stop collar


Model D  Hinged spiral nail stop collar


Model E  Slip on set screw stop collar


Model F  Slip on Set Screw Stainless Steel Stop Collar               Model G  Slip On Super Heavy Duty Set Screw Stop Collar




Quick and easy installation, robust structure

Installed on casing to limit the axial movement of casing centralizer and cement baskets

Excellent Holding Force

Hinged type include bolt type or spiral nail type

Hinged Bolted Stop Collars secure placement and limits travel on attachments to casing string. The stop collar uses a single draw bolt tightening mechanism with "hardened inserts" to grip the casing once tightened.

Hinged bolted Stop Collar is Designed to latch on the casing pipe without having to be slipped on at the end of the casing pipe allowing quick and easy installation.

Hinged set screw is a kind of Non-welded design One-piece slip-on type with set screws

Hinged Spiral Nail Stop Collar uses two spiral locking pins which when driven in firmly lock the collar into position around the casing.this Stop Collar can be used in both upset and non-upset casing Provides maximum annular clearance. they can be latched on to the casing pipe without having to be slipped on at the end of the casing pipe, thus allowing Quick and easy installation.

Available in heavy-duty style with extended length and two rows of set screws with one side beveled.

Available with stainless steel set screws.



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