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Cement basket

Cement basket is also called as cementing basket, it is a kind of down hole cementing

casing tool which is the key equipment for oilfield drilling cementing operation. It is like an upside-down umbrella without handle.

Typically, a cement basket is an isolation device which is used in the process of suspending the sealing cement segments to prevent the occurrence of displacement and settlement between the grout and drilling liquid, it is mounted on the bottom of the suspend sealing segment.

Cementing Baskets can protect weak formations from hydrostatic exerted by the weight of cement columns. Cementing baskets are made of high strength metal and features overlapping fins to provide maximum flexibility and fluid passage. Cementing baskets are available in hinged or slip on configuration and then installed over stop collars to prevent axial movement. Cementing basket sizes are available from 4-1/2 inch to 20 inch. Cementing baskets can be used in single or multistage cement jobs.

     We CCSC technology cement baskets protect weak formations from hydrostatic pressures exerted by the weight of cement columns. Baskets are run above weak formations on casing, tubing, and liner strings and can be used in single stage or multistage cement jobs. Each basket is made of a high-strength metal and features overlapping fins to provide maximum flexibility and fluid passage while maintaining optimum support. Cement baskets are available in latch-on or slip-on configurations and should be installed over stop collars to prevent axial movement.

     Usually we have three kinds of style cement basket as an option, they are slip on canvas

cement basket, hinged welded cementing basket, slip on welded cement basket

     All CCSC cementing basket can be customizable


Model A  Slip on canvas cement basket


Model B  Slip on welded cement basket


Model C  Hinged welded cement basket



Cased-hole or openhole applications

Wellbores requiring cement support in the annulus

Cementing weak formations that may break down because of excessive

hydrostatic pressures



Sized range from 4-1/2" to 20"

High-strength metal can withstand excessive hydrostatic pressures exerted by cement columns to prevent formation damage and thereby significantly reduce costs and nonproductive time.

Flexible, overlapping metal fins aid the basket in forming a bridge in the annulus to prevent cement from falling.


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