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Wellhead seal ring parts

Wellhead seal ring is a kind of seal rings which are the key sealing parts on oil fields for wellhead equipment.

Wellhead seal ring usually include gate valve seal ring, seat seal ring, choke stem seal ring, body bushing seal ring, PE secondary seal, BT secondary seal, CS seal ring, FS seal ring, Seal ring, P seal ring. Hammer Union seal ring, BX gasket ring, R gasket ring, RX gasket ring etc.

Typical sealing applications includes wellhead gate valve, wellhead plug valve, wellhead choke valve, wellhead check valve, wellhead and Christmas tree etc.

Wellhead equipment seals for oil and gas applications can be exposed to everything from harsh drilling and completion fluids to high temperatures, pressures and contact forces. How well, and how long a seal performs in such conditions greatly depends on the choice of sealing material. CCSC TECHNOLOGY can help you select the suitable sealing material for your application by drawing from four major polymeric material groups: Rubbers, such as nitrile (NBR) and hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) and fluorocarbon rubbers (FKM, FPM, TFE/P, FFKM) Thermoplastic (TP) elastomers, such as polyurethane (TPU) Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and its compounds Plastics, such as PEEK

We CCSC technology are dedicated to improving efficiency and safety in field operations, all kinds of seal ring can be designed and manufactured according to user’s requirements.

We CCSC TECHNOLOGY dedicate to supply the best seal ring for our customer.

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