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Rotating Control Device(RCD)

Rotating Control Device (RCD) is the most key important well control equipment which is often used on oilfield both onshore and offshore drilling environments during underbalanced drilling/UBD, managed pressure drilling/MPD methods, Pressurized mud-cap drilling (PMCD), Constant bottom hole pressure (CBHP), Returns flow control (RFC) and other drilling operation under pressure.

Rotating Control Device (RCD) is usually installed on the top of annular blowout preventer (annular BOP) or ram blowout preventer (ram BOP).

The main function of Rotating Control Device RCD is to seal around rotating drill pipe, tool joint and it can offer more safety in diverting well drilling fluid to the ground and Used to divert the return flow stream down the blooey line, flow line or to the choke manifold. CCSC technology Rotating Control Device systems form a positive seal on the drill pipe or Kelly to safely divert the flow from the annulus away from the rig floor.

The mainly work principle is that the RCD is driven by the square Kelly from the top of driving bushing assembly, then driving bushing assembly drive the rotating sleeve center pipe and rubber seal element ,they are Rotating together with the drilling pipe.

The rubber seal element is energized by both its elastic deformation and well pressure in well to seal the drill stem. Both dual stripper rubber element and single stripper rubber element sealing are available

The Rotating Control Device (RCD) is mainly consist of rotating bearing assembly, body shell, hydraulic power unit control room, control line, hydraulic gate valve,plug valve etc..

CCSC Technology Rotating Control Device (RCD) is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 16RCD standard.our api 16RCD is manufactured and improved from Weatherford safeshield, Williams, Schlumberger MI-SWACO,SHAFFER, HALLIBURTON etc.

   Our API 16RCD rotating control devices are already widely used all over the world for managed pressure drilling MPD drilling,clients include CNPC,Sinopec,CNNOC,Weir SPM,BP, Shell,and other global famous service company and oil company.

Structure Features:

Both dual stripper rubber element and single stripper rubber element sealing are available

●Reliable sealing, long service life

●Easy and fast to replace the sealing element and rotating assembly

●Simple structure, compact design, easy maintenance

●Rotating assembly can be removed as one piece so as to improve work efficiency



Managed pressure drilling (MPD), air drilling

Pressurized mud-cap drilling (PMCD)

Constant bottom hole pressure (CBHP)

Returns flow control (RFC)

Underbalanced drilling (UBD)

Drilling in formations with abnormally pressured aquifers

Extended-reach horizontal wells and deep vertical wells that require large-diameter drill strings

Drilling operations that require prevention of background gas from flashing to the atmosphere on the rig floor

Offshore drilling operations that present the risk of two-phase flow

Drilling in shallow-gas formations




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