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Boiler feed pump recirculation control valve-minimum flow valve

Boiler feed pump recirculation control valve is also named as minimum flow valve, it is widely used in thermal power plant industry fields for controlling fluid. It is the key safety equipment in the boiler feed pump recirculation system. It is designed with a kind of multistage disk structure.

Boiler feed pump recirculation valve is also a kind of disk stack control valve, it is usually located at the outlet of the feed pump and connected with the deaerator, this valve is also known as minimum flow valve, because this valve is normally working at closing state, in the normal working condition, the feed pump will suck the water from deaerator then pump the water into boiler or high temperature heater at the downstream, when the system closed from downstream, the feed pump need a minimum flow to keep itself safe and Prevent overheating from cavitation, at this time the recirculation valve will open.

Boiler feed pump recirculation valve is also can be used for severe application working conditions and control a wide variety of relatively clean liquids and gases at high pressure differentials.

CCSC technology Boiler feed pump recirculation valve & minimum flow valve are improved from the international brand such as Emerson fisher, CCI, Copes etc.

All the Boiler feed pump recirculation control valve can be designed as customer’s requirements which can meet general service, heavy duty and severe service working conditions.

   The actuator can be chosen with Diaphragm actuator, piston actuator and electric actuator.



        ●Disk stack designed as circulatory convection multistage pressure reducing principle avoid cavitation effectively, extend its service life significantly.

              ●Modular design and all the internal parts can be replaced and changed quickly, installation and maintenance are very convenient

              ●Stem packing adopt garlock high temperature sealing packing, no leakage, no need to be replaced frequently

              ●Valve plug and cage have good block resistance property, A small amount of impurity will not easy to cause blockage during frequent operation.

             ●Low noise, good ability of abrasion resistance

            ●Zero leakage, long operating life, Cost effective


Technical Parameters

Design standard: ASME B16.34China JB/T3595,MSS SP61

Nominal size:3/4”,1”,1-1/2”,2”,2-1/2”,3”,4”,6”

Pressure Ratings:150LB, 300LB, 600LB 900LB 1500LB 2500LB

Optional flow characteristics

     Equal percent or linear flow

ANSI leakage class shutoff: standard ,optional

End connection type: RF-raised face flangeRTJ-ring type joint flange, BW-Butt Weld, SW-socket welding

Optional material:

  Body &Bonnet-WCB, A105, F22, 12CRMOV carbon steel or alloy steel Stem-410SS, STELLITE, 17-4PH

Body outline shapeInline type, angle type   

Operating temperature:-29℃-+425℃

Power sourceelectric actuator380V three-phase220V single phase

                              Pneumatic Diaphragm0.4-0.7 Mpa(direct action or reverse action)

Control signalswitching value control40-20 mA DC analog control

Customizable requirements according to customer 



Feed pump system 



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