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CleanPhase Well Test Separator

On November 3, 2008, Schlumberger launched a new three-phase oil testing separator CleanPhase. By using this separator, oil well dynamic monitoring can be performed more accurately and safely. The purity and measurement accuracy of each phase after separation, and the separated fluid are optimized.

2008年11月3日,斯伦贝谢公司推出 新型三相试油分离器CleanPhase, 通过使用该分离器,能够更加精确和安全的进行油井动态监测。据报道,此三相分萬设备提高了分离后各相的纯净度和测量精度,分离后的流体实现了最优化。

Conventional test oil separation equipment relies heavily on manual operation to introduce the initially separated fluid into a low pressure buffer tank, posing significant risks to operators and the entire separation process. Schlumberger claims its new The separator CleanPhase uses two techniques to solve these problems.


One is Schlumberger's SmartWeir technology, which uses radar to monitor liquid levels and adjust baffles to handle the most complex effluents from oil and gas wells. Using SmartWeir technology, CleanPhase separators enable the separation of phases throughout the separation process. The retention time (from the beginning of the initial well flushing to the end of the test) is the best. CleanPhase uses SmartWeiZe technology to control the phase of the discharge phase in the vessel, making it a veritable three-phase separator.

其一为斯伦贝谢的SmartWeir技术,它利用雷达监测液位,调整挡板使之能锣处理最为复杂的油气井流出物°使用SmartWeir 技术,CleanPhase分离器实现了分离相在整个分离过程中(从最初洗井开始到试油 结束)的留存时间最佳。CleanPhase使用 SmartWei滋术控制容器中排出相的相位,使之成为名副其实的三相分离器。


The second is that the new separator uses an upgraded Coriolis flowmeter that measures each phase independently without disturbance, with high measurement accuracy and remains online throughout the monitoring process. The flowmeter is independent of fluid properties and does not require exhaust gas to be vented to the atmosphere. In the process of oil and gas well flow, the use of this flowmeter does not require manual operation, which can ensure the safety of personnel and avoid damage to the environment.

其二是新型分离器使用了升级后的 Coriolis流量计,能够不受干扰的单独测量每一相,测量精度很高,并在整个监测过程中保持联机状态。该流量计不受流体 性质影响,不需将废气排放到大气中。在油气井流动过程中,使用该流量计不需进 行人工操作,能够保证人员安全和避免破 坏环境.

Schlumberger says the separator can identify the initial influx of reservoir fluids faster than traditional methods, allowing earlier testing. It allows well fluids to flow into a high-pressure vessel, which, unlike conventional methods, eliminates the need for high-pressure storage tanks, reduces risk, and results in faster separation.

斯伦贝谢公司称,与传统方法相比, 此分离器能更快的识别最初流入的油藏流体,从而史早开始进行试油作业。它使油井流体流入到高压容器中,与常规方法不同,不需使用高压储存擢,降低了风险,分离速度更快。

The new separator is able to handle high water cut and fluctuating flow rates without slowing down the separation rate, enabling more efficient separation and measurement of single-phase fluids. The CleanPhase Separator quickly transmits separation information to make more precise and critical decisions in real time.

新型分离器能够处理高含水和流坦波动的情况,并且不会减缓分离速度,能够更加有效的分离和测量单相流体。 CleanPhase分离器能快速传输分离信息,以实时做出更为精确和关键的决策。

Twenty-two wells were tested using this separator in North Africa, where gas, condensate and water flow were precisely measured.


Eugene Francois Kleyn, head of Schlumberger CleanPhase products; "CleanPhase separators update the phase separation method in the separation process. In terms of oil characterization, phase separation limits the inherent uncertainty of separation operations, which is of great significance. It helps to effectively discharge a single phase. The new-generation test oil separator improves safety, reduces manual intervention activities, provides seamless operation, and allows backflow to occur.

斯伦贝谢CleanPhase产品负 责人Eugene Francois Kleyn道; "CleanPhase分离器更新了分离过程中的相分离方法,在油裁特征描述方面,相分离限定了分离操作固有的不确定性,在很大意义上有助于有效排出某一单相。 —代试油分离器提高了安全性,减少了人工干预活动,提供无缝作业,并允许发生 回流现象。 ”


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