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Prospects of world ultra-deep drilling equipment
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Prospects of world ultra-deep drilling equipment

Ultra-depth water (Ultra-Depth Water, referred to as UDW by Jian Zhedan) and ultra-deep well drilling (Ultra-Depth Drilling, UDD for short) are formed by the continuous drilling of offshore oil drilling into deep water and deep formations in the past ten years. Concepts of ordinary deep water and ordinary drilling well depths. Generally, deep water is ≥400m-≤1500m, and 2≥1500m (or 5,000 generations) is ultra-deep water (UDW): deep well drilling with drilling depth capability ≥15,000ft (ie 4,500m)-≤25,000ft (ie 7,620m); ≥25,000ft (i.e. ≥7,620m) is a deep well drilling (UDD)

深水(Ultra-Depth Water,简称UDW )和超深井钻井(Ultra- Depth Drilling,简称UDD )是近十余年 来海洋石油钻井不断向深水和深地层钻井 而形成、用以界别普通深水和普通钻井井 深的概念。一般以≥400m-≤1500m 深水,2≥1500m (或5,000代)为超深水 (UDW :以钻井深度能力≥15,000ft (即 4,500m -≤25,000ft (即 7,620m )为深井钻井;≥25,000ft (即 ≥7,620m )为起深井钻井(UDD o

The global deep-water oil and gas production is mainly distributed in West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico in North America, the six seas off Brazil in Latin America, Asia, Australia and Western Europec. From 2006 to 2010, the proportion of deep-water oil and gas production was the largest, and Africa (especially West Africa) accounted for the largest proportion. 40%: followed by North America (especially the Gulf of Mexico), accounting for 25%; the third is Latin America (especially offshore Brazil), accounting for 20%: Asia accounted for 10%; Western Europe accounted for 3%: Australia accounted for 2%; Others are 1%. The total discovered oil and gas reserves in the world's top ten deep-water oil and gas reservoir discovery countries is about 135.50^3.

全球深水油气产量主要分布于西非、 北美墨而哥湾、拉丁美洲的巴西近海、亚 洲、澳洲和西欧六大海域c 2006-2010 年深水油气产量占比例最大首推非洲(特 别是西非),占40%:其次是北美(特 别是墨西冊湾),占25%;其三是拉丁 美洲(特别是巴西近海},20%:亚 洲占10%;西欧占3%:澳洲占2%;其 他为1%。以上全球十大深水油气藏发现 国合计发现油气藏储量约达135.50^3

Ultra-deep drilling equipment mainly refers to UDW drilling platforms-ships (including UDW semi-submersible drilling platforms and drilling ships for exploration and drilling equipment on semi-submersible FPS, pontoon-type FPSO, TLP and Spar platforms for drilling production wells) and UDD drilling equipment (including UDD drilling rigs, mud pumps, subsea equipment for TDS and floating drilling, surface drill string motion compensators and tensioners, etc.) ° New orders and new orders of mobile drilling platforms for offshore oil in the world in November 2006 A total of 107 ships (UDW semi-submersible drilling platforms and drillships with working water depth of N1500m) were built, and the supporting oil drilling rigs were ultra-deep well drilling rigs with drilling depth capability of 30,000ft. It can be seen that the sales of ultra-deep drilling equipment are booming.

超深钻井装备主要指UDW钻井平 -船(包括勘探用UDW半潜式钻井 平台和钻井船及用于钻生产井的半潜式 FPS浮船式FPSOTLPSpar平台上 的钻井设备)和UDD钻井设备(包括 UDD钻机、泥浆泵、TDS和浮式钻井专 用水下设备和水面钻柱运动补偿器和张紧 器等)° 200611月统计的世界海洋石 油移动式钻井平台新定货和正建造的共 107艘(工作水深均N≥1500mUDW 潜式钻井平台和钻井船),配套的石油钻 机钻井深度能力均为≥30,000ft的超深井 钻机。可见超深钻井装备的旺销。

Development Prospect of World UDW Drilling Platform (Ship)

世界UDW钻井 平台(船)发展展望

A. The new developments are all 6th generation drilling rigs (ships), and the superficial opinion on their characteristics is 6

The generation of drilling platforms (ships) appeared in 2000 or even 2003 and later; the drilling depths are mostly 10,000ft (3,048m) ~ 12,500ft (3,810m) or even deeper; drilling depths 35,000ft (10,668m) -40,000 ft (12,200m) or even deeper; the drilling rig is a double set, and the power of the main drawworks of the single set drilling rig is 5000hp~7200hp or even greater; the driving methods of the drilling rig, top drive and mud pump are mostly AC variable frequency drive or hydrostatic drive: more risers It is a hoist (travel) that is arranged vertically or a combination of vertical and horizontal arrangement and has a special riser for lifting and transporting; the dynamic positioning system is mostly DP3 or higher.

A. 新发展均为第6代钻井平台 (船),对其特点的浅见是6代钻井平台(船)出现时间在2000 年甚至2003年及其以后;钻井工作 水深大都在 10,000ft 3,048m ~ 12,500ft (3,810m )乃至更深;钻井 深度 ≥35,000ft (10,668m) -40,000ft (12,200m )乃至更深;钻机为双套,単 套钻机主绞车功率≥5000hp~7200hp 至更大;钻机、顶驱和泥浆泵的出动方式 多为交流变频驱动或静液驱动:立管多为 竖直排列或竖、平相结合排列并有专供立 管吊运的吊机(行车);动力定位系统多 DP3或更高级。

B. The main development trend of UDW semi-submersible drilling platform adopts very high strength steel and excellent design, the ratio of its variable load to total displacement star will exceed 0.18, and the ratio of total displacement to self-weight will exceed 4.0; Variable load (9,000t) and large deck space; platforms are mostly square or rectangular, and columns are mostly 4-6 columns, rectangular cross-section, no diagonal braces, and simple shape structures with few nodes to reduce construction costs and hull structure Accidents arising: good hull safety and storm resistance, global all-weather working ability and long self-sustaining ability; greater working water depth; the deepest working water depth is 12,000ft (3,810m) at present c It can be expected in the future 20 There will be semi-submersible platforms with working water depths of 4,000-5,000m within the year; equipped with the most advanced, high-power, high-precision dynamic positioning systems (DPS-3 and even DPS-4): equipped with AC variable frequency dynamic or hydrostatic driven large Power UDD drilling rig (power of main drawworks of single set of drilling rig 5000hp~7200hp or even 51); Drilling depth capability 35,000ft (10,668m) ~40,000ft (12.200m) or even deeper, it is estimated that in the next 20 years, the drilling depth of drilling ships will increase The capacity will exceed 15,000m; it has the most advanced special equipment for floating drilling and double derricks and double sets of drilling rig system C

B.UDW半潜式钻井平台主要发展趋势采用甚高强度钢和忧良设计,其可 变载荷与总排水星的比值将超过0.18以 上,总排水量与自重的比值将超过4.0; 大的甲板可变载荷(≥9,000t )和大的甲板空间;平台大多为正方形或矩形, 立柱多为4-6立柱、矩形截面、无斜撑、 少节点的简单外形结构,以减少建造费 用和降低船体结构产生的意外事故:良 好的船体安全性和抗风暴能力,全球全 天候的工作能力和长的自持能力;更大 的工作水深;目前最深的工作水深为 12,000ft ( 3,810m ) c 可预料,未来20 年内将有工作水深4,000-5,000m的半 潜式平台出现;装备最先进、大功率、 高精度的动力定位系统(DPS-3乃至 DPS-4):装备交流变频駆动或静液 驱动的大功率UDD钻机(单套钻机主绞 车功率≥5000hp~7200hp乃至51大); 钻井深度能力≥35,000ft ( 10,668m ) ~40,000ft ( 12.200m )乃至更深,预计 在未来20年内,钻井船的钻井深度能力 将突破15,000m;具有当代最先进的浮式 钻井专用设备和双井架、双套钻机系统。

C. The development trend of UDW drilling pontoons adopts very high-strength steel and excellent ship type and structure design, and further increases the ratio of total displacement to total steel star used by the ship. The main dimension N is 250m long x 38m wide x 18m deep; the ship has good safety (the ship is double hull) and storm resistance, global, all-weather working ability and long self-sustaining ability; deck variable load N20,000 t, main engine power N50,000 hp: design working water depth N 10,000ft~ 12,000 ft (3.658m), it is expected that the working water depth will reach 4,000~5,000m (13,16,400ft) in the next 20 years: equipped with the most advanced, high-power, high-precision dynamic positioning system (DPS-3 and even DPS-4); equipment High-power ultra-deep well drilling rigs driven by AC variable frequency dynamic or hydrostatic (single rig main drawworks power N5000hp~7200hp or more) o Drilling depth capability 35,000ft (10,668m) -40,000ft (12.200m) or even Shi Shen, It is expected that in the next 20 years, the drilling depth capacity of the drillship will exceed 15,000m: it has the most advanced special equipment for floating drilling and double derricks and double sets of drilling rig systems.

C. UDW钻井浮船发展趋势采用 甚高强度钢和优良的船型及结构设计, 将总排水量与船总用钢星的比值进一步 提高,主尺度N长250m x宽38m x型深 18m;船具有良好的安全性(船为双船 壳)和抗风暴能力,全球、全天候的工 作能力和长的自持能力;甲板可变载荷 N2万t,船主机功率N5万hp:设计工作 水深N 10,000ft~ 12,000ft 3.658m , 预料在未来20年内工作水深将达4,000~5,000m ( 13,16,400ft): 装备最先进、大功率、高精度的动力 定位系统(DPS-3乃至DPS-4 ); 装备交流变频駆动或静液驱动的大功 率超深井钻机(单套钻机主绞车功率 N5000hp~7200hp乃至更大)o  井深度能力 ≥35,000ft (10,668m ) -40,000ft ( 12.200m )乃至史深,预料 在未来20年内,钻井船的钻井深度能力 将突破15,000m:具有当代最先进的浮式 钻井专用设备和双井架、双套钻机系统

Development Prospect of UDD Drilling Equipment in the World

世界UDD钻井 设备发展展望 

In order to adapt to UDW and UDD drilling,

conventional oil drilling rigs   will develop in the direction of high-power AC frequency conversion. Such as the AC variable frequency drilling rig produced by National-Oilwel Company in the United States, the drawworks power is 4,000. 5,000, 7,200 hp; the AC variable frequency drilling rig produced by the American C-Emsco company, the winch power is 5,000 hp The AC variable frequency drilling rig produced by Varco company, the drawworks power is 4,500 and 6,000 hp hp: AC frequency conversion drilling rig produced by German Wirth company, the drawworks power are 3,750, 4,500, 5,000 and 6,000hpo, and the diameter of the turntable above is 49.5in and 60.5ir)o

常规石油钻机  为适应UDW UDD钻井,常规石油钻机将向大功率 交流变频方向发展。如美国National- Oilwel公司生产的交流变频钻机,绞车 功率4,000. 5,000、7,200 hp;美国 C-Emsco公司生产的交流变频钻机,绞 车功率5,000 hp Varco公司生产的交流 変頻钻机,绞车功率4,500和6,000hp: 德国Wirth公司生产的交流变频钻机,绞 车功率分别为3,750、4,500、5,000和 6,000hpo以上转盘通径分别为49.5in 60.5ir)o

The AHD numerically controlled variable frequency cudding rig drawworks that can be used as active drill string motion compensation is worthy of attention. Such as the AHD type 2300, 3450, 4000, 6900hp CNC variable frequency shock drilling rig drawworks produced by National-Oilwel Company in the United States.

可作为主动型钻柱运动补偿的AHD 型数控变频芻动钻机绞车值得关注。如 美国National-Oilwel公司生产的AHD 2300、3450、4000、6900hp数控变频骤 动钻机绞车°

The new oil drilling rig  the winchless, hydraulic cylinder-lifting drilling rig (Ram Rig ), shows the vitality of its development. Ram-type drilling rigs installed on 2 semi-submersible platforms and 2 drilling ships respectively, with a drilling depth of 10,660m (35,000ft) o The lifting fluid system has replaced the bulky and bulky drawworks, and also replaced the bulky drilling rigs of floating drilling The column motion compensator can significantly reduce the area and space occupied by the well site, and can reduce the cost by about 30%. Show the vitality of its development

新型石油钻机   无绞车、液缸升降 型钻机(Ram Rig )显示其发展的生命 力。已分别装于2艘半潜平台和2艘钻井 船上的Ram型钻机,钻深能力10,660m (35,000ft) o用升降液制替代了庞大笨 重的绞车,也替代了浮式钻井的庞大的钻 柱运动补偿器,显著减少井场占用面积与 空间,可降低成本约30%。显示其发展 的生命。

The new winchless hydraulic lift drilling rig deserves attention. At present, in addition to the Norwegian Maritime Hydraulic Company's Ram drilling rig and the Italian D rillmec drilling rig, which is a new type of winchless hydraulic lifting drilling rig, the TXD series hydrostatic transmission without winch type power head drilling rig, which is a telescopic mast recently launched by Schramm, is worthy of attention. ;

新型无绞车液压升降型钻机值得关 注。目前,除挪威海事液压公司Ram 钻机和意大利D rillmec钻机是一种新式 无绞车型液力提升钻机外,新近又有 Schramm公司推出的伸缩桅杆的TXD 系列静液传动无绞车型动力头钻机值得 关注;

The rig was first launched in August 2006. At present, there are three specifications of TXD series drilling rigs, namely T90XD type, T130XD type and T180XD type, the lifting capacity is 90.000-lb (400kN), 130r000-lb (580 kN), 180,000-lb (801 kN) respectively; The tripping stroke is 50ft (15.24m), and the applicable drill pipe length is up to 48ft (14.6m) o The current drilling rig used on land is worth learning from offshore C

该钻机首台于2006年8月推出。目 前,TXD系列钻机共有三种规格,即 T90XD型、T130XD型和T180XD型,提 升能力分别为90.000-lb ( 400kN )、 130r000-lb ( 580 kN )、180,000-lb (801 kN );钻机动力头起下钻行程为 50ft ( 15.24m ),适用钻杆长度可达48ft (14.6m ) o目前这种在 陆地使用的钻机值得海上 借鉴.

No winch, mechanical lift drilling rig with potential for development  Beverly Hills in downtown Los Angeles, USA On the sliding skid that can be moved from north to south; the north is a double row of wells with a moving length of 41.45m, and the south is a single well with a moving length of 31.09m and a well spacing of 1.8in (6it) o. A total of 69 wells can be drilled. The current drilling rigs used on land are worth learning from offshore.

无绞车、机械升降 型钻机具有发展潜力 美国洛杉区西部闹市区的 Beverly Hills;由用,由无绞 车、机械升降行程19.8m (65ft)的钻机,以顶部 駆动旋转钻井,買于由液 压気推拉的可南北移动的 滑橇上;北部为双排井、 移动长41.45m,南部为单 井、移动长31.09m,井距 1.8in ( 6it) o 共可钻69 口井。目前这种在陆地使 用的钻机值得海上借鉴。

Slim-hole drilling rig  Slim-hole oil drilling rig can reduce the construction cost by 40%, reduce the transportation cost by 50%, reduce the well site by 40%, and reduce the drilling cost by 50%: the operation automation degree is high and it can realize a series of advantages such as automatic drilling. It will be further promoted and used in offshore oil drilling.

小井眼钻机  小井眼石油钻机造价可降低 40%、运载费用减少 50% s占井场地减少 40%、钻井成本可降低 50%:操作自动化程度 高并可实现自动送钻等 一系列优点。在海洋石 油钻井中将得到进一步 推广使用。


Casing Drilling Oil Rig  Newly developed by TESC Canada. The casing drilling oil drilling rig developed by the drilling technology company is specially designed for casing drilling (and can also be used for conventional technical drilling), which can improve the drilling efficiency by more than 30%, thus reducing the operating cost accordingly.

套管钻井石油钻机 新近由加拿大 TESC。钻井技术公司开发的套管钻井石 油钻机专门设计用于套管钻井(也可用于 常规技术钻井),可提高钻井效率30% 以上,作业费因而相应降低其钻机绞 车、转盘均用静液驱动。

Top drive device for oil drilling   focuses on the development of AC variable frequency drive or hydrostatic drive. Varco company's TDS-8SA type, power 1150hp, 1000t: National-Oilwell company's PS2 650/750 type, Canrig company's 1275E type 750hp, 750t, all are AC variable frequency drive; Norwegian Haizheng Hydraulic Company develops hydrostatic drive, The effect is also good.

石油钻井顶部驱动装置   顶部驱动装置重点发展交流变频駆动或静液 駆动。Varco公司的TDS—8SA型,功率 1150hp, 1000t: National-Oilwell公司 的PS2 650/750型,Canrig公司的 1275E 型750hp、750t,均为交流变频驱动;挪 威海爭液压公司则发展静液驱动,效果 亦佳。

Oil drilling mud pump Sanzhou single-acting mud pump is developing in the direction of high-power AC frequency conversion. Such as National-Oilwel's 14-P220 2,200 hp, Wirth's 51.7Mpa-69Mpa, power $2,200-3,000hp, Lewco's power 3,000hp and other mud pumps, all of which are AC variable frequency feathering.

石油钻井泥浆泵  三紂单作用泥 浆泵向大功率交流变频方向发展。如 National-Oilwel公司的 14-P220 2,200 hp, Wirth公司的51.7Mpa-69Mpa, $2,200-3,000hp, Lewco公司的功率 3,000hp等泥浆泵,均为交流变频羽动。

The mechanical long-stroke mud pump deserves attention. In 2003, in the Beverly Hills oilfield in downtown Los Angeles, the mud pump matched with the drilling rig is a mechanically driven long-stroke mud pump. There are 4 hydraulic ends, and the stroke of each cylinder is as long as 2.718mm (107in). It is worth learning from the sea. .

机械駆动长行程泥浆泵值得重视。 2003年,美洛杉矶闹市区的Beverly Hills 油田,钻机所配套的泥浆泵,是一种机械 驱动长行程泥浆泵°共有4个液力端,每缸行程长达2.718mm ( 107in ) Q值得海上借鉴。

Hydrostatically driven mud pumps equipped for automated drilling rigs, small hole oil rigs and casing drilling oil rigs.

靜液驱动的泥浆泵,配备用于自动 化钻机、小井眼石油钻机和套管钻井石油钻机。

Lightweight and long-life mud pump; E-2200 2200hp mud pump produced by Ellis Williams Engineering Co., USA, with a piston stroke of 15in, a piston rod load of 158,3741b (704.8 kN), 110 strokes /min; average bearing life up to 125,000hrc EH-2200 type 2200hp mud pump piston stroke 14in; piston rod load up to 149,3241b (664.6 kN): 125 strokes/min; average bearing life up to 100,000hr.

轻重量长寿命泥浆泵;美国埃里 -威廉姆斯工程公司(Ellis Williams Engineering Co.)生产的E-2200 2200hp泥浆泵活塞行程15in,活塞 杆负荷达 158,3741b ( 704.8 kN ), 110冲/min;轴承平均的使用寿命达 125,000hrc EH-2200型2200hp泥浆泵 活塞行程14in;活塞杆负荷达149,3241b (664.6 kN ) : 125冲/min;轴承平均的 使用寿命达100,000hr.

Marine BOP The marine  BOP is developing towards large diameter, high sealing pressure and high shear force. For example, the diameter of BOP of Cameron and Shatter Company is 13.75in and 18.75in, and the closing pressure is 103.5Mpa (15.000PSI). S-135 drill pipe; American Hydral company's BOP diameter is 13.75in and 18.75in, and the sealing pressure is up to 138Mpa (20.000PSI).

海洋防喷器 海洋防喷器向大通 径高封井压力和高勇切力发展。如美 Cameron和S hatter公司的BOP通径 13.75in 18.75in,封井压力 103.5Mpa (15.000PSI ),其全封剪切闸板可切断 13 3/8in以下的套管和6-5/8ins S-135 ;美国Hydril公司的BOP通径13.75in 1 8.75in,封井压力最高达138Mpa (20.000PSI) .

Deepwater and ultra-deepwater drilling has recently developed a surface BOP group, that is, the 13.75in diameter BOP group is placed between the riser (riser) and the telescopic riser, thereby avoiding the need for expensive Large-diameter BOP group and complex control system, etc., not only save costs but also more safe and reliable. However, it is mainly used for semi-submersible FPS, TLP or Spa platform for oil production.

深水和超深水钻井新近发展了水面 BOP组,即将通径13.75inBOP组置于立 管(隔水管)与伸缩立管之间,从而避免 将BOP组置于深水和超深水的海底、需 要昂贵的大通径BOP组和庞杂的控制系 统等,不但节约费用而且更加安全可靠° 但它主要用于采油的半潜式FPS、TLP或 Spa「平台。

Drill string motion compensator Crane type and traveling type passive drill string heave motion compensator The development trend is:

Compensator compensation  stroke ^ 7.62m (25ft), compensation capacity> 4r450kN (1,000 kilopounds); system working pressure of compensator 5=20.7Mpa (3,OOops): compensator reliability, operation sensitivity, service life, etc. Raise saga.

钻柱运动补偿器  天车型和游车型被 动型钻柱升沉运动补偿器发展趋势是:补僕器补偿行程^7.62m (25ft), 补偿能力4r450kN ( 1,000千磅); 补偿器的系统工作压力5=20.7Mpa (3,OOOps ):补偿器的可靠性、操作灵 敏度、使用寿命等将史加提高。


The development trend of the active drill string heave motion compensator is: AHD type numerical control frequency conversion compensator which can be used as an active drill string heave motion compensator. The dynamic drilling rig drawworks can realize constant pressure automatic drilling and actively compensate the heave motion. More of these devices may be deployed in offshore floating oil drilling in the future.

主动型钻柱升沉运动补偿器发展趋 势是:可作为主动型钻柱升沉运动补偿 器的AHD型數控变频駆.动钻机绞车实现 恒压自动送钻并主动补偿升沉运动的装S,今后可能有更多此类装置投入海洋 浮式石油钻井。

The tensioner   tensioner is mainly developed to the ultra-deep water drilling and oil production. The passive type C includes; the compensation stroke of the riser tensioner is N 19.8m (65ft): the riser tensioner used for drilling and drilling will be generally developed Two-liquid type, maximum tension force Nl" 13kN (250 thousand pounds): The riser tensioner for oil will be developed and popularized to adopt the direct-acting type without rope and the combination structure of multiple nails: The reliability of the tensioner, Operational sensitivity, service life, etc. will be further improved.

张紧器  张紧器主要发展向超深水域 钻井、采油相适应的液卸被动型C包括;立管张紧器的补偿行程N 19.8m (65ft):钻并用立管张紧器将普遍发展 双液制■型、最大张紧力Nl」13kN ( 250 千磅):釆油用立管张紧器将发展和推广 采用无绳索直接作用型、多釘组合结构: 张紧器的可靠性、操作灵敏度、使用寿命 等将更加提高。

Suggestions on the development of drilling equipment for ultra-deep wells in my country

对我国超深井 钻井设备发展的建议

    my country should strengthen its investment in marine, especially deepwater and ultra-deepwater oil and gas exploration and development funds and equipment, learn from the experience of international famous oil companies and develop overseas markets, and face up to the fact that my country's per capita proven oil reserves are only the world's per capita proven oil. The grim reality is that China's per capita proven natural gas reserves are only 4.47% of the world's per capita proven natural gas reserves (converted according to the data on world oil and gas reserves published by W02007), which is not optimistic. Multiple ways to obtain oil and gas resources and houses.

    我国应加强对海洋特别是深水和超深 水油气勘探开发资金和装备的投入,并学 习国际著名油公司,向海外市场发展的经 验,正视我国人均拥有探明石油储量仅为 世界人均拥有探明石油储量的7一23%、我 国人均拥有探明天然气储量仅为世界人均 拥有探明天然气储量的4.47%这一严峻现 实(据W02007年公布世界油气储量资料 折算)0不能言目乐观,要寻求国内获得 油气资源和产屋的多种途径。

The research and development of UDW and UDD drilling equipment in my country has started well. However, we must continue to maintain and develop this good momentum. my country has undertaken 9 UDW drilling platforms at home and abroad, of which the semi-submersible drilling platform No. 981 with a water depth of 3000ml is being designed and constructed in Shanghai; domestic companies such as Baoshi, Honghua, Lanshi National Oil Well and other companies have developed and mass produced 7000m, 9000m CNC The frequency conversion drilling rig and the ZJ120/9000DB 12,000m ultra-deep well drilling rig designed and manufactured by Baoji Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. for the world's top deep wells were also successfully rolled off the production line at the end of 2007. These equipments can be used for offshore ultra-deep water and deep well drilling after corresponding modification. This is a good start worthy of congratulations, and we hope to continue to maintain and develop this good momentum. An important measure to maintain and develop this good momentum is to target the domestic market, especially the international market, and actively participate in the international market competition. The details are as follows:

我国UDW和UDD钻井装备的研制已 有良好起步.但要继续保持和发展这一良 好势头,。我国承担国内外UDW钻井平 台已达9艘,其中3000ml作水深的半潜 式钻井平台981号正在上海设计建造;国 内宝石、宏华、兰石国民油井等公司研 制并批量生产的7000m、9000m数控变 频钻机和宝鸡石油机械有限责任公司自 行设计、制造用于当今世界顶级深井的 ZJ120/9000DB12,000m超深井钻机也 2007年末成功下线。这些设备经相应 改装后均可用于海上超深水、起深井钻 井°以上这都是值得可喜可贺的良好起 步,希望继续保持和发展这一良好势头。 保持和发展这一良好势头的重要举措是瞄 准国内特别是国际市场,积极参与国际市 场竞争°具体如下:

    In the design and construction of drilling platforms (ships), especially dynamic positioning drilling ships, we should catch up with South Korea.

In terms of supporting general equipment for drilling platforms (ships), it is recommended to design and manufacture independently: stand-alone power MOOOkw, low fuel consumption, good emission (with electronic injection device), long-life diesel generator set: AC variable frequency motor control system with a power of X,000kw ; Single machine power N2,000kw, low fuel consumption, long life diesel fire pump set: dynamic positioning and deep water mooring system on the platform (ship).

    在钻井平台(船)特别是动力定位钻 井船的设计、建造方面要赶超韩国。

在钻井平台(船)配套通用设备方 面建议自主设计制造的主要有:单机功 率MOOOkw、低油耗、良排放(具有电 喷装置)、长寿命柴油发电机组:功率 X,000kw的交流变频电机控制系统;单 机功率N2,000kw、低油耗、长寿命柴油 消防泵组:平台(船)上的动力定位及深 水锚泊系统等

     In terms of supporting UDD drilling rigs and special floating drilling equipment for drilling platforms (ships), it is recommended to design and manufacture independently: Offshore oil variable frequency electric shock drilling rigs with drilling depths of 9,000m and 12,000m and drilling rigs with a single power of N2,200hp Mud pump: variable frequency electric drive or hydrostatic drive top drive device (TDS) with a drilling depth of 9,000m and 12,000m: diameter of 18_75in, pressure of 69Mpa (10,000psi) and 103.5Mpa (15,000psi) BOP group (including annular BOP and double or triple ram BOP and corresponding couplers): the upper part is suitable for 18.75in couplers, subsea wellheads (casing heads) with pressures of 69Mpa (10,000psi) and 103.5Mpa (15,000psi). ) system; riser (riser) system (including lower riser group, riser body assembly, telescopic riser, mud outlet pipe) and deflector assembly.

    在钻井平台(船)配套UDD 机和浮式钻井专用设备方面建议自主 设计制造的主要有•:钻井深度能力为 9,000m12,000m的海洋石油变频电骤 动钻机及单机功率N2,200hp的钻井泥 浆泵:适应钻井深度能力为9,000m 12,000m的变频电出动或静液駆动顶部 駆动装置(TDS ):通径为18_75in、 力为69Mpa ( 10,000psi )和 103.5Mpa (15,000psi )的BOP(包括环形BOP 和双联或三联闸板BOP及相应的联结 ):上部适应18.75in联结器、压力 69Mpa ( 10,000psi )和 103.5Mpa (15,000psi)的海底井口头(套管头) 系统;立管(隔水管)系统(包括下立管 组、立管本体组件、伸缩立管、泥浆出口 )及导流器组件。

    There are three control systems for floating drilling special equipment (including conventional water depth electric-gas-hydraulic-hydraulic control system, deepwater conventional floating drilling special equipment multiplex transmission control system and deep water surface BOP control system. And deepwater conventional floating The multiplexing control system of the drilling special equipment also includes a set of acoustic emergency safety precautions); the rated compensation capacity is 600 kilograms (2-670kN) and 800 kilopounds (3.560kN), the compensator stroke is 15ft (4.6m), 20ft (6.1m), 25ft (7.6m) passive drill string motion compensation system; combined with the development of numerical control frequency conversion electric galloping drilling rig drawworks, the drill string heave motion that realizes constant pressure automatic drilling and active compensation of heave motion Compensator: Rated tensioning capacity is 14kc (62.3kN}, 16klbs

(71.2kN) and 60klbs (267kN), 80klbs (356kN), 120klbs (534.1kN), feeder travel is 40ft (12.2m), 50ft

(15.2m) and 66ft (20.1m) passive guide rope and riser (riser) tensioner systems

    浮式钻井专用设备的控制系统(包 括常规水深的电-气-液-液控制系统、 深水常规浮式钻井专用设备的多路传输 控制系统和深水水面BOP控制系统三 种。而深水常规浮式钻井专用设备的多 路传输控制系统还包括一套声学应急安 全防备系统);额定补偿能力为600千稽 (2r670kN )和800千磅(3.560kN )、 偿器行程为1 5ft ( 4.6m )、20ft (6.1m )、25ft ( 7.6m )被动型钻柱运 动补懐器系统;结合发展数控变频电驰动 钻机绞车同时实现恒压自动送钻并主动补 僕升沉运动的钻柱升沉运动补偿器:额定 张紧能力为14千癌(62.3kN }16千磅

(71.2kN )和60千磅(267kN )、80千 磅(356kN )、120千磅(534.1 kN ), 供器行程为40ft ( 12.2m )、50ft

(15.2m )和66ft ( 20.1m )的被动型导 向绳和立管(隔水管)张紧器系统


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