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Drilling Tools: Managed Pressure Drilling Systems That Measure Loss of Circulation in Real Time

Drilling Tools: Managed Pressure Drilling Systems That Measure Loss of Circulation in Real Time


Yu Fenglong / Compilation



Most of the easy blocks have been produced, while existing oil and gas resources are complex to develop due to their narrow operating windows created by pore pressure gradients and fracture pressure gradients. This makes drilling complex and difficult to control. Weatherford's Managed Pressure Drilling systems make previously un drillable. It is the only fully automatic throttling system in the industry, which can monitor the changes of wellbore pressure and flow in real time and respond in time. It has a revolutionary change in the accuracy and analysis precision of wellbore pressure and flow measurement.


By using micro-flow control technology, the system uses unique algorithms to determine and measure minute down hole overflows and losses in real time. The return flow rate is measured using a high-precision flow meter installed on the throttling line to detect fluid loss or increase in liquid level as early as possible, and automatically respond to reduce the amount of fluid increase or decrease in volume. Make critical drilling decisions based on actual wellbore information rather than relying on predictive models. Combining closed-loop technology and cutting-edge unique data acquisition and computer control equipment, the system can improve drilling rig safety and drilling efficiency to a level that cannot be achieved by conventional drilling or even other managed pressure drilling.


Managed pressure drilling systems rely on their ability to precisely control wellbore pressure to help accomplish drilling goals and overcome challenges that conventional drilling has been unable to solve for many years. While greatly improving the flexibility and safety of drilling operations, operation risks and non-productive time are minimized.


A number of factors make drilling in a Middle East oilfield extremely difficult, including formations containing a large amount of unstable porous limestone and high hydrocarbon-bearing sandstone, inter bedded with shale inter beds that tend to expand. In general, this will result in a large amount of mud leakage, with the risk of sticking and fishing. High pressure shallow gas takes a long time to circulate out of the well, creating a lot of non-productive time.


In addition, the narrow window of pore pressure and fracturing pressure gradient can cause flooding, causing well control problems and leading to wellbore instability, as long as the equivalent circulating density drops slightly during a single tap. If higher density mud is used to prevent overflow, the formation will be fractured, causing problems such as circulation loss, formation damage, differential pressure sticking and low ROP. Practice has proven that this narrow gradient window cannot be penetrated with conventional drilling.


The use of secure managed pressure drilling system can effectively solve the above problems. Install a circulating device socket on each column to ensure continuous circulation when the drill pipe is connected. The Secure Drilling System accurately monitors annular back pressure and maintains it within a narrow drilling window. The construction of this well shows that the drilling system can detect and control the overflow less than 1.5 barrels within two minutes.


The equipment used in managed pressure drilling includes: the rotating control head originally maintains a closed-circuit and pressurized drilling environment. Secure Micro-Overflow Control MPD equipment can monitor and control annular pressure and other drilling variables in real time. It includes an automatic throttle manifold. Back pressure can be adjusted as required by an automatically controlled auxiliary mud pump.


In this area, the operator once drilled an exploratory well. The well was abandoned at 11,484 feet (3,500 meters). Later, by using a slightly underbalanced mud system, the well team and Weatherford technicians maintained fluid circulation, controlled annular pressure and bottom hole pressure, and successfully drilled the complex lower section, and achieved an 8.2 ft/h (2.5 m/h) h) The average ROP. The Secure drilling system was very successful in this operation, producing no unproductive time, no overflow, and no leakage. On top of that, operators can keep drilling at up to 50 percent gas content.


During the drilling process, the Secure Drilling System monitored two losses, followed by overflow after two losses, and then again. All three overflows were monitored and circulated out of the wellbore with no impact on drilling.


Operators are very satisfied with the results. Because there is no non-productive time during managed pressure drilling, drilling can be maintained even with gas content as high as 50%, preventing gas intrusion and other well control problems, preventing circulation loss and differential pressure sticking. Best of all, the drilling depth was a full 50% higher than what was previously possible.



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