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4000 hour steel liner Zirconia ceramic liner

4000 hour steel liner Zirconia ceramic liner

使用4000小时的钢套 氧化锆陶瓷缸套

Engineering ceramic materials are the "heart" of the oilfield drilling mud system with their superior physical properties and high-pressure mud pump, which are responsible for transporting the blood-mud of the drilling rig to the downhole to complete the transfer of materials and energy, and the cylinder liner is an important part of the mud pump. Wear parts. With the continuous expansion of human exploitation of global oil and gas resources, it has gradually extended to deserts, wastelands and deep seas. The well was drilled deeper and deeper, and the well condition became worse and worse. A large number of metal casings were frequently replaced to ensure the high pressure and wear of the drilling rig. Heavy manual labor, high transportation and storage costs, etc. became a real problem. How can we improve the service life of the unloading sleeve? People are constantly researching and exploring••…

工程陶瓷材料以其优越的物理性能和 压泥浆泵是油田钻井泥浆系统的 “心脏",负责将钻机的血液一 泥浆输送到井下,完成物质和能量的传 递,而缸套是泥浆泵的重要磨损部件。随着 人类对全球油气资源的开采范围的不断扩 大,逐渐朝沙漠、荒原、深海延伸。井越打 越深,井况越来越恶劣,大量的金属套被 频繁的更换以保证钻机高压和强磨损的要 求,繁重的体力劳动、高昂的运输和存储费 用等成为现实难题如何才能提高卸套的使 用寿命?人们在不断的研究、探索.....

Super wear-resistant

Ceramic cylinder liners came into being

Workability has become the development direction of wear-resistant parts manufacturing, but the large-scale industrial production of engineering ceramic parts is affected by the special production process of ceramic materials, and the domestic development speed has been limited for a long time, especially the large-scale production of large-scale parts, although The first castrated porcelain has been around for more than ten years, but it has not been produced on a large scale.



工性能成为耐磨部件制造的发展方向, 但工程陶瓷部件的大规模产业化生产,受 陶瓷材料的特殊生产工艺的影响,国内发 展速度长期受到限制,尤其是大尺寸部件 的规模化生产,虽然第一只阉瓷缸套出现 有十几年,但一直没有规模化生产。

The production of engineering ceramics in foreign countries started early, and the zirconium oxide ceramic simple: sets have been mass-produced by NATIONAL, OILWELL and other companies, but there are no domestic enterprises in mass production, users can only rely on imports and the price is expensive.

国外工程陶瓷生产起步较早,氧化错 陶瓷简:套已有NATIONAL, OILWELL 公司批量生产,国内尚无企业批量生产, 用户只能依靠进口且价格昂贵。

Since 2004, Zibo Huachuang Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd., relying on independent innovation, has taken the lead in completing large-scale engineering ceramic components in China after nearly three years of hard work. The company has completed two national "863" science and technology projects and one national "double high and one excellent" project, and has been rated as the backbone enterprise of the new material industrialization base of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the provincial high-tech project. The enterprise, the municipal high-tech high-growth enterprise, has passed the IS09001 quality system certification, and was designated as the "National Standard for Ceramic Metal Composite Unloading".

2004年起,淄博华创精细陶瓷有限公司依靠自主创新,经过近三年努力,在 国内率先完成大尺寸工程陶瓷部件一主 要是石油钻机高压泥浆泵用氧化错陶瓷紅 套率先实现规模化和产业化,壊补了国内 空白,企业先后完成两项国家**863" 技项目和一项国家"双高一优"工程,被 评定为国家科技部新材料产业化基地骨干 企业、省级高新技术企业,市级科技型高 成长企业,企•业通过IS09001质量体系认 证,被指定为《陶瓷金属复合卸套国家标 准〉制定企业。

Advanced technology ensures 4000 hours of service life

Zibo Huachuang Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. mainly produces ceramic nails and sets of two material systems: button stabilized zirconia (Y-TZP) and zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA). It is formed by advanced cold isostatic pressure process, sintered at high temperature, assembled, and finally cold-processed on CNC machine tools. The product has excellent mechanical properties and machining accuracy, and fully meets the requirements for use as high-precision mechanical parts.

先进工艺确保 4000小时的使用寿命

淄博华创精细陶瓷有限公司主要生产 钮稳定氧化锆(Y-TZP )、氧化锆增韧氧 化铝(ZTA)两大材料体系陶瓷釘.套,陶 盜原材料采用高纯纳米氧化错和氧化铝微 粉,经先进的冷等静圧工艺一次成型、高 温烧结、装配.最后在数控机床上冷加工 而成.产品具有优异的机械性能和加工精 度,完全满足作为高精度机械部件的使用要求。

After a lot of experiments, Zibo Huachuang Jingyi Ceramics Co., Ltd. concluded and formulated a complete set of production processes for large-scale ceramic structural components, so that the qualified rate of large-length-diameter ratio and thin-walled tubular ceramic components reaches more than 97%, which greatly reduces production costs. , stabilizing the delivery time. At present, the company has formed a production line with a monthly production of 500 sets of zirconium oxide ceramic cans. The manufacture and use of Taozi Zhou sets have obtained two national patents, and have been used in the domestic Zhongyuan Oilfield, Liaohe Oilfield, Shengli The oil field and CNOOC offshore drilling platform have been put into use, and have been installed and tested in the drilling team of Bohai Drilling Company No. 2 and the drilling team of China Petroleum Exploration Bureau Drilling Company No. 3. Under the same conditions, its service life is 5 times that of the bimetal button sleeve. ~10 times, up to 4000+ hours. Products are exported to the Middle East, North America, Europe and other regions. It has been consistently praised for its excellent performance-to-price ratio, especially for use on offshore drilling platforms, which greatly reduces transportation and storage costs. QB

经大量实验,淄博华创精翊陶瓷有 限公司总结制定出一整套大尺寸陶瓷结 构部件生产工艺,使大长径比、薄壁管 形陶瓷部件产品合格率达97%以上,大 大降低了生产成本,稳定了交货期,目 前该公司已形成月产氧化错陶瓷缶I500 只生产线c陶姿紂套的制造与使用方面 已获得两项国家专利,并在国内中原油 田、辽河油田、胜利油田和中海油海上 钻井平台等投入使用,通过在渤海钻井 二公司钻井队、中原油用石油勘探局钻 井三公司钻井队等现场安装使用测试, 同等条件下,其使用寿命为双金属钮套 5~10倍,最高达4000小时以上。产品 对外出口至中东、北美、欧洲等地区。 因其优异的性能价格比受到一致的好 尤其是在海上钻井平台的使用,大 大降低了运输和储存费用。QB



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